How To Build A $100 Million Product Brand…… with Andy Frisella

  • Introducing Andy Frisella And 1st Phorm
  • Andy's 10 Year Struggle And His Biggest Turning Point
  • How To Grow A Physical Product Business In A Crowded Market
  • Secrets For Branding
  • Leadership
  • And Teambuilding
  • Turn Your Business Into A Movement That Customers Are Crazy About
  • Marketing For Beginners And Harnessing Social Media
  • A Behind The Scenes Tour Of A Global Empire

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About this Class

Have you ever looked at a successful person and thought to yourself, “Well, it was easy for him or her because _____.”

Because he had rich parents to help him get started…

Because he had investors interested in his business…

Because her parents were entrepreneurs so she got a head start…

Because they have a huge marketing budget every month…

Well none of those things are true for today’s Mike Dillard guest, Andy Frisella.

When Andy started his business in 1999, he was 19 years old and flat broke. The odds were against him. He had no money, no investors, and no marketing budget. And for the first 3 years, he made $0 in profit…

And yet he managed to build a $100M product brand in the nutritional supplement space (arguably one of THE most competitive and saturated industries in the world).

If you are in the first few years of a new business, or are thinking of starting a business soon, this is a must-watch for you.

Click play now and get a world-class education on how he’s built his company from the ground up. What you learn today can be applied to any company, in any industry.

We’ll cover things like:

  • How to create a product that stands out from the crowd. You’ll learn the #1 way to separate yourself from the competition and make it easy for your customers to choose you.
  • How to create a culture and brand that people stay loyal to forever. Andy shares what culture really is (it’s probably not what you think), and why building a culture is integral to success.
  • Why retaining customers is more important than acquiring new ones, and the single most critical area you need to focus on to retain your customers for life. Andy’s strategy may not be the quickest way to build a business, but it’s the most solid and established way to keep customers forever.
  • Andy’s biggest advice he’d want if he were starting from scratch today. This is a nontraditional strategy, which makes it all the more effective.
  • What to focus on when building a business. Andy provides an unconventional approach to making money, and even though it seems counterintuitive, it works exceptionally well.
  • And finally, you’ll discover the importance of building a team. If your team doesn’t see what you see, you could be headed nowhere fast. Andy shares his tactics for getting everyone on board and paddling in the same direction.

Actualize your big dreams and create a product that sells by clicking play on this lesson now.


About the Instructor

Andy Frisella Founder of
17 years ago Andy Frisella and his best friend Chris opened their first supplement store in Springfield, Missouri. On their first day in business they made $7. It took 8 months to have a day over $200. It took 7 more years to earn more than $695 in a month. And today Andy's empire of businesses do over $100mm in sales a year.
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23 thoughts on “How To Build A $100 Million Product Brand…… with Andy Frisella”

  1. I listen to the #MFCEO project and it’s really good info. I grew up without a father and some of the most basic info being shared by Andy really hits home and has an impact on my day to day life. Thanks for this Mike and Andy!

  2. Loved this! I have to say in the words of Mike. D “Awesome.” Great Men! Andy is a humble man with a phenomenal plan. I’m thinking of working for 1st Phorm. This is an exceptional platform. I am thoroughly enjoying this. Everyone who reads this if you’re interested in CONNECTING with me. I’m Ray and working towards an inspirational movement which helps people go from where they are to where they want to go in there life journey. Lets connect. [email protected]

  3. I love Andy???s direct talk and old school advice. He???s the real deal. So much wisdom from experience not just book knowledge.

  4. Andy has a lot of practical knowledge and wisdom that you can readily see during this interview. Get your paper and pen out or watch this several times to catch all of the gems.

  5. I really enjoyed this. I have been trying to build an e-commerce business for over two years and felt so discouraged because I’m not making a profit. Hearing the story in this segment was so encouraging and knowing it took him 3 years to make a profit and Mike Dillard 6 years made me feel a lot better! I won’t give up. I have a brand I’m going to build with a desire to help people and make a difference. I’m going to follow his suggestions for focusing on people and solving problems! Thanks!

  6. Loved the interview! My son uses 1st Phorm products and I have always wondered what the company was like. Really impressed with its founder and his roots. Andy’s philosophy in business and life is just what we need to uplift this generation and create new entrepreneurs. Thank you Mike for gathering together some top notch business people to help inspire us to keep going no matter what. <3

  7. This interview really hit home for me. The most significant take away for me is the amount of time it takes a business to take off…around 5 years. April of 2019 will be 5 years for me in the vending business. I’m on track for my 1st six figure year in 2019. Moreover I understand first hand that most of your competitors will quit in the long run. The vending business is physically and mentally challenging. Thus the faint at heart will fall.

  8. Excellent. This is one of the best interviews yet. I really enjoyed this one. Highly recommend it. It is very real and I can relate with what was discussed with the early stages of ones business.

  9. This was an excellent eye opening session! Really encouraged me to see that my company is doing way better than I think it is. To see the hockey stick principle is real & know that I???m on my way up!

  10. Excellent Interview. I appreciate Andy’s down to earth no nonsense old school approach to business and life. Im feeling even more inspired. I truly believe entrepreneurs are going to repair the world. Great Job!

  11. This was a fantastic lesson from learning the principles to being inspired by how achievable the process seems. Thank you.

  12. So far awesome content and interview. I love Frisella’s honest and to the point assessments and insights. This is Entrepreneurship at it’s most raw state and its a powerhouse. Very inspiring and useful.

  13. A Very inspitaional journey of a young man at aged 19. With No MoneyNo contacts and No previous experience. Started his Own Sports Nutrition Business in one of the most competitive businesses in the World

  14. Great interview! So much information and it could have gone on for a few more hours. Eye opening and inspiring… Thank you

  15. Excellent lessons and take aways for anybody looking to start or grow a business. Learn from those ahead of you who have walked the path you will. Hard work perserverence get out there and start it takes six years of learning and trialing and then goes quick importance of culture branding and team building. Love it !


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