How To Generate Traffic And Sales With Facebook Ads… with Jason Hornung

  • Why Jason Runs the Advertising for Mike Dillard
  • Why You Should Advertise on Facebook
  • Selecting the Right Targeting for Your Ads
  • Making Ad Creative that Coverts
  • Designing the Right Landing Page
  • Follow Up
  • Conversion
  • Iteration Rules of Thumb

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About this Class

Your business can survive without a lot of things, but it can’t survive without new traffic and sales.

Unfortunately, most new business owners have no idea how to create effective, profitable advertising campaigns online.

They post on social media all day, write blogs and articles, record YouTube videos, and then hope that someone will see this content, and decide to buy from them.

Well that’s fine if you want to build a hobby, but it’s not going to work if you want to build a
$1 Million+ business.

If you want to grow your company, and grow it fast, you need a consistent, daily flow of targeted traffic and new customers, and Facebook’s Advertising platform is where you need to be.

Would you like to add thousands of new subscribers to your email list per day?

Would you like to make $100,000 to $500,000+ in sales per month, automatically?

Then you need to start advertising on Facebook, and to help you do that successfully, we’ve brought Jason Hornung into the studio to show you how…

Jason is the President & Creative Director of JH Media LLC, one of the most sought after digital agencies specializing in Facebook ads in the world. In fact, his team manages all of OUR Facebook marketing campaigns here at Mike Dillard.

In today’s lesson with Jason, you’ll learn:

  • What separates the Facebook ad platform from other top-tier platforms like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Bing.
  • How to advertise on a budget. You’ll learn how to start using Facebook ads successfully for as little as $5 a day.
  • The fundamentals of profitable ad campaigns and audience targeting. Jason shows you how to find eager customers using targeting methods you might not have considered.
  • Everything you need to know about conversions. Facebook can send you more traffic than you can possibly handle, but all of those visitors won’t do you any good if you can’t convert them into new prospects and customers. Jason will show you how to make sure your website is up for the job.
  • And finally, you’ll learn how to create compelling ads and copy that will grab the attention of your target audience, and produce clicks at the lowest possible cost.

If you’re ready to get more traffic, more customers, and grow your business faster than ever before using Facebook’s Ad platform, click the play button now to watch this incredibly valuable lesson with Jason Hornung.


About the Instructor

Jason Hornung Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
Jason Hornung is the President & Creative Director of JH Media LLC, one of the most sought after digital agencies specializing in Facebook ads in the world. He’s the secret weapon behind multiple 7-figure ad campaigns running on Facebook right now, and he manages more than a half a million dollars in monthly ad spend for his clients.
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20 thoughts on “How To Generate Traffic And Sales With Facebook Ads… with Jason Hornung”

  1. Jason never disappoints. One of the best 40 minute investment you could make for your business. It’s no longer scary to advertise on FB all because of what I’ve learned from him. Pay attention here as he busts myths and shows you how to get the most out of your ad spend.

  2. Following Jason’s tips will save me money on my next Facebook ad campaign. This is a must watch for anyone contemplating running a Facebook campaign.

  3. Short sweet to the point. Set Realistic Expectations which is crucial for success. Like don’t expect to lose 30 pounds in one week.

  4. Helpful Information that gives clarity and structure. My only comment is that most of the examples used were from 2014 and I wonder if the current FB changes that we are operating under would have changed the results of these examples or for that matter would the campaign have been done differently now?

  5. There was a lot of info and it was helpful to watch several times over. I believe there is value. Would appreciate another couple of videos on some real fb backend how to’s. Nevertheless the session was paced well very clear and to the point. Thank you!

  6. Jason is a beast … I know he’s scratching the surface with this area … but I loved watching this and being reminded of some legit points! ~ Thanks

  7. Nice training.. thank you. Audience size would be nice to know when first testing a product… But thank you for saying “Broad” when everyone is saying niche filter etc.. will definitely use this gem. Thanks again – Ha… I’ve got Ryan Deiss’s FB training… I wonder… is it yours?

  8. ???You???ll never have to go to stupid network meetings again.??? You had me at hello! I like Jason and his unique sense of humour and also his skills. I’ve never taken this many notes during a class before. FOR SMM – would love to see the notes box moveable so it doesn’t cover the screen when I’m typing… Mark Brown @viraonehealth

  9. This was great helps seeing this then watching list grows. Would love to see future videos like this as everything changes. Now it???s time to start building the bases

  10. A very clear overview and also jam-packed with tips. I’d highly recommend watching this and then getting started or improving! Thank you Jason Hornung.

  11. Thanks Jason great info and tips I like your training approach but as a beginner to facebook and creating ads a step-by-step guide on how to setup create and launch an ad champaign (including demographics and audience (example of specific “wording or phrase” when asking facebook to find specific audiences) would be great.

  12. Best presentation on the subject I’ve seen. Excellent depth of knowledge.
    I will review again…and again.


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