How To Make Passive Income By Investing In Cash Flow Real Estate…… with JP Newman and Adrian Lufschanowski

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  • Driving a Ford GT
  • Thrive Office Tour
  • Why Consider Investing In Real Estate
  • The Partnership Backstory
  • Finding The Right Operating Partner
  • Villa Oaks Case Study
  • Capitalization Rates
  • Minimizing Risk In Real Estate
  • Thrive's Lending Strategy
  • What To Look For In Private Equity
How To Make Passive Income By Investing In Cash Flow Real Estate…… with JP Newman and Adrian Lufschanowski
  • JP Newman and Adrian Lufschanowski
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  • JP Newman and Adrian Lufschanowski
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About this Class

Lamborghinis, confidence, and carefully puckered lips may exude sex appeal.

Investing money likely does not.

Nevertheless, investing is one of the most alluring ways to spend your money.

Today’s guests show you why.

They explain how an ideal investment simultaneously reduces your tax liability and creates a passive income. They show you why investing is the key to building real, lasting wealth. And they explain to you the one investment asset that you should immediately undertake once your business is accumulating revenue.

JP Newman and Adrian Lufschanowski are the masterminds behind Thrive, and they share an unwavering commitment to ethics, integrity, and doing right by their clients.

In this lesson, you’re going to discover:

  • A beginner-friendly checklist you should use when considering any real estate investment. This checklist will run you through all the features and characteristics you need to consider before you ever say ‘yes’ to a deal.
  • The #1 most effective way to take money and redeploy it into a passive investment. (The best part? This method is safe and provides a modest return.)
  • JP & Adrian’s “secret sauce” for making investments. (This is what you should know first and foremost before making any investment.) Plus, you’ll learn 3 additional points you must cover and “test” to see if you are truly comfortable with any deal that you’re considering.
  • And finally, the right questions to ask, and the warning signs to look for, when working with anyone on a real estate investment… Knowing these can greatly minimize your risk, help you spot the red flags, and weed out the potentially bad deals right from the get go.

If you’re ready to understand the number one trick of investing so that you can maximize your passive income, don’t miss this eye-opening lesson with Adrian Lufschanowski and JP Newman.


About the Instructor

JP Newman and Adrian Lufschanowski Founders of Thrive, FP
Thrive, FP is a real estate investment firm specializing in debt and equity transactions. We obtain properties and deploy capital through proven strategies focused on tangible assets – specifically, the purchase and rehabilitation of commercial real estate properties. Our programs typically earn 10 to 25% annually depending on an individual’s investment objectives and risk tolerance. Learn more at

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