How to Speak In A Language Men Pay Attention To… with Adam Gilad

  • Emotional Intelligence for Creating Sparks
  • Pavlov’s Gender
  • You Make Me Want to Be a Better Man
  • Relax Into Loving You
  • Give a Visual Picture
  • It’s a Mask
  • Intelligence
  • Humor
  • & Wit
  • Vulnerability

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About this Class

Ladies… Ever wonder why you keep attracting the mouth breathers… the knuckle draggers… the man babies and other assorted guys you don’t want?

Have you ever wondered why the only men responding to your online profile are, well, creepy?

Then you’re ready to hear today’s guest share the strategies for speaking in a language that men — the right men — find motivating and attractive.

It’s time to rid yourself of destructive habits. Shed unhelpful patterns of thinking. And find the man you want to spend your life with instead.

Adam Gilad is an Emmy-nominated producer, author, screenwriter, and founder of The Higher Game Coaching System. He also leads a community for more than 80,000 men and women who are on a quest to create connection, intimacy, and love.

In today’s lesson with Adam, you’ll learn:

  • How to play to the emotional centers of the brain. Hear why Adam compares men to a giant mammoth elephant trampling through the forest and why knowing this can change your dating game.
  • Identify the 7 emotional sparks that lead men into attraction and devotion. If you want to know exactly what a man looks for in a woman and how you can provide it, you’ll want to listen carefully.
  • How to spark interest, intrigue, and curiosity in men. If a man doesn’t want to bring you joy, you could be headed nowhere fast. Adam helps you understand what it takes for men to want to bring you joy.
  • What you should write in an online dating profile. There are 40 million Americans using online dating tools. Adam covers the exact words you should use to attract the kind of man you want and awaken him to the remarkable person that you are. You’ll want to take note of the most important four words to start your profile with.
  • And finally, you’ll learn how to destroy a date within minutes. There’s one common mistake that nearly all women make and it ruins the attraction unbelievably fast.

If you’re ready to attract your ideal mate and want to avoid playing games in the process, click play to hear this incredibly insightful lesson with Adam Gilad.


About the Instructor

Adam Gilad Screenwriter and relationship coach
A prolific author, speaker, screenwriter, film producer, mentor and coach, Adam Gilad lives to spark his readers, clients and audiences into creating a robust, daring and fearless life of love, adventure and nurturance. An Emmy Nominated Executive Producer, Adam’s award-winning films have appeared on USANetworks, Lifetime and TNT. He has authored over 20 television shows and teaches dating, intimacy and deep eros. Adam has authored countless audio trainings and written several books, specializing in learning the “language” of the other gender, cultivating a dance of the sexes rather than a “battle,” the play of sexual polarity as well as a determined fearlessness in self-awareness, self-evolution, global responsibility, compassion and forgiveness.
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