How To Transform Your Health… with Drew Canole

  • Meeting Drew Canole In San Diego
  • Drew's Amazing Origin Story
  • Foundations of Health Understanding Mindset and Inflammation
  • The 5 Steps To Get Lasting Results Without Struggling Hard Every Day
  • How To Harness The Power Of Juicing
  • A Daily Routine You Can Use To Level Up Your Life
  • The Faster Way To Juice Every Day
  • Some Bonuses To Help You Get Started Today

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About this Class

Is your business costing you your health?

Do you feel like you need a coffee IV just to plug through the day?

Whether you’ve gained some weight because of poor eating habits, found yourself not exercising because of your insanely busy schedule, or have a difficult time falling asleep, today’s lesson is for you.

Since you’re an entrepreneur, you’re putting in twice the effort and hours, and experiencing double the stress as a normal person. You simply don’t have time to get sick.

The truth is, nothing has more of an impact on your business than your health. It’s the foundation for how you show up every day.

If you were to Google “how to improve my health,” you would find endless opinions, approaches, and fads to achieve this goal.

Which is why Mike Dillard brings you Drew Canole. Drew is a rockstar in the world of fitness and nutrition, with a huge heart for helping others and transforming the world.

In today’s lesson, he is going to share how you can optimize your performance as an individual and as a business owner.

You’ll also discover:

  • An introduction to the anti-inflammatory diet. This is a simple way of eating that can literally transform your life. (The best part? This will still be relevant in 30 years.)
  • The importance of developing your “WHY.” Drew shows you how to develop your vision and stay anchored to it so you don’t fall off the wagon.
  • Details of the “Alpha Reset.” Drew loves this process and repeats it frequently. As you’re about to learn, doing this can have enormous health benefits. You’ll also learn tricks for avoiding the common pitfalls of a juicing or fasting diet.
  • Why exercising for an hour or more each day could potentially sabotage you. You’ll learn why working out at home for just 5 – 10 minutes a day can be more productive than hitting the gym for hours at a time.
  • How your psychological state can cause a physical reaction in your body (and how this affects your business). You’ll also learn a morning ritual that can help you stay energized throughout the day.
  • The difference between smoothies and juicing. (Hint: Although you can get both in a “green” form, how they react once inside your body is very different.)
  • And finally, you’ll discover 3 simple ways to deal with sugar cravings that won’t leave you hungry or with a headache.

If you’re ready to start treating your body the same way you treat your business, hit the play button now and prepare to be transformed.


About the Instructor

Drew Canole Founder of
Drew Canole is the founder of, one of the Inc 5000 fastest growing companies in America. Organifi offers health supplements- such as their flagship Green Juice- which make it fast and easy for people to supercharge their diets. They have countless testimonials of clients who have transformed their bodies and lives thanks to Drew's products and teachings.
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9 thoughts on “How To Transform Your Health… with Drew Canole”

  1. Great lesson and great introduction to this topic! Quick question – How much green juice should you be consuming during the alpha reset? Is it once in the morning then water for the rest of the day or is it green juice throughout the day? And if it is throughout the day then how much green juice in total do you recommend consuming a day? Would be great to know – thanks!

  2. Excellent valuable information! My husband and I will definitely be juicing now and also trying out your products and experimenting with your suggestions. Overall great program!

  3. Great info! On thing about using the Stevia as a sweetener; Stevia will because of its sweet taste signal the brain that sugar is on the way thus resulting in increased insulin levels… Just my two cents worth as a health care pro!

  4. This is great. Easily implemented and it LOOKS sustainable. I’m curious about what he thinks abut keto–it seems pretty ketogenic anyways but I’d just like his take on it.

  5. Great to see this. Been a long time FitlifeTV follower and juicer as this is so important for optimizing ones health.


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