Inside a $100,000/Mo Facebook Ad Campaign… with Jason Hornung

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  • Getting to Madison
  • Arriving at Jason's House
  • Introduction & Background to the Hornung Agency
  • The Elements of An Effective Funnel
  • The Guaranteed Profitability Formula
  • The List Grow Case Study
  • Mike Dillard Mentoring Case Study
  • List Grow Results
  • Effective Campaigns: How to Reach Your Fans
  • Do's and Don'ts With Facebook
  • Split Testing Your Ad
  • Boosting the Reach of Your Ad
  • Get Started: Launch Your First Ad Campaign
  • Mike's Advice
Inside a $100,000/Mo Facebook Ad Campaign… with Jason Hornung
  • Jason Hornung
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  • Jason Hornung
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About this Class

“I want to sell my product, but I don’t have a list!”

Does the sentence above ring a bell?

The truth is, “needing a list” in order to sell is simply an excuse. Nothing more…

So watch this lesson of Mike Dillard, because I’m going to dispel that destructive myth for you once and for all.

I’m also enlisting the help of my Facebook Ads expert Jason Hornung, and we’re going to show you:

  • How you can take a product or service and immediately start to advertise online without needing single subscriber. (We’ll even show you how to scale your revenue to over $100K/mo while selling to completely cold traffic, even if you’re starting from “nothing” right now.)
  • Exactly what you need to do to help you finally take control of your advertising and your traffic… so you can quickly take your business to the next level, almost on “autopilot.” (Plus, we’ll show you exactly why there’s no such thing as a “traffic problem” when it comes to your online advertising, and your business.)
  • The key elements of an effective marketing funnel for paid media. This is a 5 element checklist, and missing just one of these elements could result in your funnel not converting the way it has the potential to.
  • What the one main job of your online ad is, and why it’s so important to have this element in place before you begin to create any of your ad copy or images.

And much more…

By the time you’re done watching this lesson with Jason, you’ll:

  • Understand why Facebook Ads are one of the best opportunities available to leverage your business and ramp up your revenue.
  • Be able to test your ads the right way to make sure they’re hitting their full conversion potential.
  • Understand the crucial “do’s and don’ts” when it comes to online advertising (especially with Facebook advertising.)
  • Have the skillset to pinpoint your target client, as well as how to craft your offer for the greatest ROI.
  • And have more clarity on what makes a powerful (and successful) Facebook Ad, and how you can implement it into your own business right away.


About the Instructor

Jason Hornung Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
Jason Hornung is the President & Creative Director of JH Media LLC, one of the most sought after digital agencies specializing in Facebook ads in the world. He’s the secret weapon behind multiple 7-figure ad campaigns running on Facebook right now, and he manages more than a half a million dollars in monthly ad spend for his clients.

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