Understand Your Entrepreneurial Personality Type… with Alex Charfen

  • Lesson Introduction
  • The Entrepreneur Attributes
  • Why Are You Not Creating Momentum
  • Your Momentum Equation
  • The Results of Momentum
  • The Contribution Equation

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About this Class

Many entrepreneurs have a sense of being different than the status quo.

Maybe you’ve been labeled an oddball, a troublemaker, or unruly.

You’ve felt different or somehow set apart from your peers most of your life.

You have an intrinsic need to challenge the status quo and redesign things.

You like teaching or leading but hate most social settings.

Being different can be extremely fulfilling because it allows you to create what others barely dream of, but it can also be isolating and challenging when you’re misunderstood, lack support, or try to fit into a system built for everyone else.

In today’s lesson with Alex Charfen, you’ll learn if you’re an Entrepreneurial Personality Type (EPT), and breathe a big sigh of relief if you are one.

Why? Because you’re not alone, and there’s nothing wrong with you.

If you’re an EPT, you’ll learn how to handle stress and design your life so that you can make your greatest contribution to the world starting today.

In this lesson with Alex:

  • Learn what it means to be an Evolutionary Hunter or Entrepreneurial Personality Type (EPT) and the unique gifts you have to offer the world.
  • Discover how to focus on your attributes, not your deficits, so you can create the kind of life and business you want for yourself.
  • Understand how your need to be in momentum drives your behaviors and perspectives, and how to get into it.
  • Learn the ways society stifles EPTs and how you can remove yourself from constraints and negative situations to stay in positive forward motion.
  • Journey through discovery exercises with Alex to gain clarity about how to make your greatest impact now.

Use your EPT blueprint to slay your dragons and wake your genius in this lesson with Alex Charfen now.


About the Instructor

Alex Charfen Author and Entrepreneur
Alex Charfen is a proud member of a band of entrepreneurial brothers and sisters that includes Einstein, Oprah, Edison, and you. He helps other Entrepreneurial Personality Types prosper and understand themselves so they can make the difference they’re intended to make. His book, The Entrepreneurial Personality Type, has become the handbook for his restless tribe around the world looking for answers. Connect with Alex at Charfen.com.
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10 thoughts on “Understand Your Entrepreneurial Personality Type… with Alex Charfen”

  1. Great class! I was amazed to recognize myself in every aspect of the EPT. That tells me I’m on the right track and gives me the will power to pursue my endeavours. I’m ready to build MOMENTUM!!

  2. Holy freaking shit… This is the first time I’ve ever felt truly understood. Alex is an absolute beast and this is by far one of the most impactful lessons I’ve ever seen. Definitely watch this!

  3. Very sincere and raw presentation. It took about 15 minutes for me to get really interested but at about that time I was completely glued to his delivery. Alex nailed the differentiation between the hunters and the rest of the world. I’ve heard it discussed in different terms as well but his examples were the best I’ve seen in entrepreneurial reference. I’m going to actually go back and watch this all over again and take the tests. Two thumbs up!

  4. Great class.. really resonates with me… intentional consumption is where its at.. Thanks.. Ps One of the worksheets is missing.

  5. Wow what a session. Awesome. Alex is really onto something here. I’ve got to digest this some more but build momentum anyway. Very much an eye opener. Thanks!

  6. Oh man! This resonated with me on so many different levels! After tears welled up in your eyes and you got choked up right off the bat..I knew that this was going to be powerful and it was – thank you for your genuineness. A person has to be filled with an intense love and passion to be willing to brave the unknown find the courage to fight (and possibly die) in order to provide for others. Just subscribed to the podcast.

  7. Alex when you ask about turning down the radio when trying to find an address or searching for something important. I knew you were talking to me and everyone just like us. We must eliminate all the noise and confusion unless it is of our own choosing. We can’t be told what noise or confusion is acceptable for us. We have an undetermined tolerance level know only to us at any given time, and every situation allows us to determine that level for us. That’s just our way
    Jeff C.

  8. The list of the key attributes is at 3:27 if you’re trying to refer is at 4:36, and the “how they see them” attributes are at 6:43.

    Awesome material! Spoke to me personally–I was shocked.


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