Using Online Quizzes To Quickly Build Your Audience… with Jeremy Ellens

  • Your Roadmap to Building a Huge Email List
  • How Jeremy Discovered Quizzes
  • Plus 4 Crazy Case Studies
  • The Psychology Behind Quizzes
  • Models To Monetize Your Quiz
  • Creating A Compelling Offer
  • Understanding Your Audience
  • Types of Quizzes (Plus Jeremy's Essential Writing Tips)
  • Honing In On Your Topic
  • Writing Your Quiz
  • Developing Your Quiz
  • The Quiz Launch
  • After The Quiz- What To Do After You Get The Email Address
  • FAQ
  • Wrapping Up

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About this Class

So you need to grow your email list, and you want to do it quickly…

What to do? Create a book, a webinar, a checklist?

That’s a lot of work!

Not to mention, people get tired of seeing the same PDF downloads, right?

If you’re short on time, or simply want to stand out from the crowd to build your list, watch this lesson with Jeremy Ellens, the Founder of

One of THE most effective ways to build a large email list and audience is to create and launch an online quiz.

You’ve seen them on Facebook, but did you know they can 10x your leads and double or triple your sales? Yep, and Jeremy has the case studies to prove it.

With a great quiz, you’ll never have to worry about generating leads again.

By the time you’ve completed this lesson with Jeremy, you’ll know how to use this powerful new tool to help you grow your list…

In this lesson with Jeremy:

  • Learn why old lead capture strategies like referrals, networking, and even ebooks, videos, and webinars are not enough anymore.
  • Discover the edge quizzes can give your business, and the psychology behind them.
  • Learn how to do audience research and compose an effective quiz specifically for your customers.
  • Discover the four main categories of quizzes and get ideas for which to use in your business.
  • Learn how to create a compelling post-quiz offer and monetize your quiz participants.
  • Watch as Jeremy builds and launches a quiz within minutes, and learn where you can advertise for the best results.

This lesson features tons of case studies with people who’ve boosted their conversions and sales exponentially.

Want to grow your list the fun and fast way? Watch this lesson with Jeremy Ellens now.



About the Instructor

Jeremy Ellens Founder of
Jeremy Ellens is co-founder of Yazamo, a full service digital marketing agency. He launched LeadQuizzes in 2016 to offer businesses a simple and effective way to capture leads and grow their businesses. Connect with Jeremy at
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