Write a Creative Brief for your Business… with Ron Lynch

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  • The Brief
  • The Unsung Hero
  • From Promise to Solution
  • Naming Your Value
  • Knowing The Right Three Questions
  • Understanding Why
  • Brand Messaging
  • The Sales Argument
  • Financials and Offers
  • Ensure Your Business’ Survival
Write a Creative Brief for your Business… with Ron Lynch
  • Ron Lynch
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  • Ron Lynch
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About this Class

Do you want your company to reach its maximum potential?

Do you want efficiency in that growth?

Ever wonder how your business will survive in the event of an accident?

Then you need to develop a creative brief.

When you’re juggling dozens of priorities and under pressure to launch the Next Big Thing, you’ll be tempted to skip this important step. That’s why it’s important to create a brief before you spend a dollar on your business.

Doing so will ensure your business’ survival and practically guarantee your company’s success.

Ron Lynch is the founder of BigBabyAgency and the creative genius behind hundreds of successful infomercials. His first five infomercials alone produced over $340 million. Now, he’s here to show you how to build the framework for a thriving business using a creative brief.

In today’s lesson with Ron Lynch, you’ll learn:

  • The seven important questions to ask yourself before starting any business.
  • Why every entrepreneur needs a creative brief. You’ll understand how a creative brief evaluates the validity of your business and provides a framework that almost guarantees success.
  • The 11 components of an effective creative brief. Skip one of these and it may mean failure.
  • How to identify your Unique Selling Proposition. Ron shows you how to ask the right questions of yourself and your company so that you can clearly state your USP in 1-3 sentences.
  • How to differentiate between features and benefits. Ron explains the differences and shows you why it matters.
  • And finally, you’ll learn how to write a creative brief that helps you pivot, adjust, and make micro adjustments that can save your company when the inevitable obstacles surface.

If you’re ready to build the framework for your business so that it reaches its maximum potential, click the play button now to watch this incredibly valuable lesson with Ron Lynch.


About the Instructor

Ron Lynch Founder of BigBabyAgency.com
Ron Lynch is the creative genius behind many of the most successful infomercials of all time. If you've ever sat mesmerized in front of the TV watching a food processor or cooking appliance, there's a good chance Ron wrote the script. His first five infomercials alone did over $340 million. Today Ron is a consultant helping entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies create killer product launches.

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