Today you’re going to hear a fascinating story from a friend named Ian Clark.

When Ian was 46 years old, he was suffering from all kinds of health issues.

He had colon cancer, he had open sores on his legs, his body was filled with toxic mold, and heavy metals, and he had a completely dysfunctional liver.

His two uncles had previously died by the age of 52, and his doctors told him that he was cursed with bad genetics, and that his fate was sealed.

They gave him 1,000 days left to live.

But as you’re about to find out Ian’s a pretty smart guy, and he decided that if he only had 1,000 days left, then he was going to dedicate that time to finding a way to heal himself.

And he did it.

Today he’s 62 years old, and is one of the healthiest people you’ll ever meet.

He’s also turned his new set of skills and knowledge into a thriving business.

So what did he discover, and how did he heal himself?

You’re going to find out today in this information packed interview that’s filled with new insights about the cause of disease, your body, and the health and wellness industry.

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Now without further ado, please welcome, Ian Clark.



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