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25 Year Old Builds $80 Million Watch Company From Scratch… with Jake Kassan

25 Year Old Builds $80 Million Watch Company From Scratch… with Jake Kassan

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About this Episode

I have an absolutely amazing success story to share with you today…

In 2013, Jake Kassan his business partner Kramer dropped out of college with the dream of reinventing the watch industry.

Tired of big brand markups, the duo set out to create a direct to consumer model with a brand called Movement.

They’d design and sell watches that would normally cost $300 or more, for a third of the price.

That year they launched their first six designs through an Indiegogo campaign. That campaign produced 2,887 orders and $220,000 in revenue, providing them with the cash they needed to move forward…

Today, just three years later, they’ve sold over 1 Million watches, and will produce $80 million in revenue this year alone.

And by the way, Jake is only 25 years old.

So how’d they do it? Well today you’ll find out in their very first podcast interview ever.

About the Instructor

Jake Kassan Founder of
Jake Kassan started his first business at the age of 16 and dropped out of college at 19. He has grown three E-commerce brands from zero to millions in revenue. He is best known for MVMT (pronounced Movement) which offers stylish watches that won't break the bank. It is the fastest growing watch company in the world with over one million watches sold to customers in 160 countries.
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