The biggest problem when it comes to building wealth is that there isn’t one clear-cut way to do it.

If you ask a successful, rich individual what the best way is to become wealthy, all of them will give you a slightly different answer.

And that’s tough because it creates confusion. Who is right, and which path do you follow?

Well, that’s exactly what Kris Krohn experienced in his early 20’s when he was trying to figure out the best way to create wealth with real estate.

Kris was dead-broke at the time, and he’d found plenty of answers when it came to building wealth, but he just didn’t know which one was correct.

So he did something that few people do…

He put all of his options on paper, and he ran the numbers…

What he discovered was a strategy that clearly stood above all the rest, which he’ll share with you here today.

Twelve years later, Kris has bought and sold over 3,500 real estate properties, and makes millions of dollars per year in passive income.

In fact, his most recent deal alone will produce over $80,000 per month in cash flow.

Now there’s a second part to this story that we’re going to dive into as well, which is how I found Kris…

And that was a few months ago while surfing YouTube.

He’s been producing a phenomenal stream of video content that is growing his channel by 20,000 to 30,000 subscribers per month, and I wanted to figure out what in the world he was doing, and how.

It’s safe to say that this is one of the most valuable episodes we’ve had here on Mike Dillard, so buckle up, and please help me welcome Kris Krohn.

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