How many times have we all heard the saying, “Freedom isn’t free”?

I know I’ve heard it hundreds of times throughout my life, but it’s always been reviewed through the lens of war.

Yes, I understand that securing our country and its freedoms have required us to go to war and make the ultimate sacrifice such as WWII, but without the context of war, and without a clear enemy, what does that phrase actually mean?

If freedom isn’t free, then what price have I been paying to keep and protect our freedom?

And I have to say that after I really thought about it, my answer was, “nothing”.

Outside of sharing a few posts on social media, I’ve done absolutely nothing.

And I’ll bet the same goes for you.

After all, what can we do? What are we supposed to do?

Well, have you ever seen a pinata at a child’s birthday party?

You’d blindfold the kiddo so they can’t see what’s happening, spin them around to disorient them, and then give them a stick to flail aimlessly in the air while trying to tell them which way to turn and where to swing?

Well that my friends, is what we look like.

The media and social media outlets have put a blindfold over our eyes so we can’t see what’s actually happening, while the media, Mark, and Jack tell us where to look, what to think, and who to blame.

Whenever given the opportunity, politicians, (and I’m speaking to you Gavin Newsom and Phil Murphy, and Steve Adler), have done everything they can to harm Americans, instead of serving them.

They have destroyed our cities, and Gavin wins the prize for taking out the entire State of California.

Marxist organizations like Antifa have been allowed to roam the streets, burn houses and businesses, and murder American citizens without challenge or penalty.

Small businesses and restaurants have been forced to close, while Walmart and Target remain open and filled with people.

Family gatherings and Church services have been outlawed, but political marches and protests are just fine.

When you look at how this situation has been handled over the past year, and if you’re a trusting and optimistic person, you might chalk all of this up to incompetence.

But when you zoom out, and when you include what just took place in the Presidential Election, what’s really happening becomes incredibly clear.

If someone is willing to set aside their personal beliefs and bias and look at what just took place on Election Night, the evidence of fraud is absolutely overwhelming.

Every single day, you and I use encrypted, secure apps from our banks, and services like PayPal, and Venmo.

But when it comes to voting, nope… We use machines with software developed outside the US with code developed for Hugo Chavez, we use overseas servers in Germany to count the votes, and then we have paper ballots that have been printed by the tens of millions, and that can be used by anyone without any kind of ID verification.


Because they don’t want free and fair elections… Just the illusion of them. What they actually want is power and control.

And this is where I draw the line.

Without free and fair elections, America is dead.

Our entire country and system of governance is based on voting, so if the voting system gets compromised and controlled, that’s it. The America you and I have loved is gone, and that is what’s at stake and about to happen right now on our watch.

This is not a political statement. I did not vote for Donald Trump, or Joe Biden, and who you or I want to win is absolutely irrelevant.

If a compromised election goes through and is allowed to stand, then there’s no turning back.

The purpose and point of voting will be gone. Our voices will be silenced, and we will never be able to elect our representatives again.

Do you remember whenever you’d see a Presidential Election in Russia, and Putin would magically win every single time and you’d sit there and kinda laugh at the ridiculousness of the whole spectacle?

Well, that’s what we’re about to have here.

This is the moment when you and I have to take off the political party hats, remove the signs from the yard, turn off the propaganda, and come together as one… Not as Republicans or Democrats, but as Americans.

Today I’m joined by the billionaire founder of, Patrick Byrne.

Patrick isn’t perfect, but he’s a patriot, and he has also come to realize that if the election system gets compromised, that’s it. Life as we know it will come to an end.

He doesn’t care if Trump wins or Biden wins. He cares about protecting and preserving America, and he’s speaking out now because this is it… This is the moment.

When you zoom out far enough, you’ll start to realize we are at war.

Our political leaders have been compromised, they are being controlled, and so is our election system.

The American people have been side-lined with irrational fear over a virus with a 99.8% survival rate.

Our innate ability to come and stand together has been eliminated through the use of masks and social distancing.

Our mayors have defunded the police, enabling rampant crime in the streets.

And while we cower in our homes, the enemy has gone to work to take control of the single greatest point of leverage in the country… Our voting system.

Russia and China know they can’t win a hot war against America, and once they control our leaders and our elections, they’ll never have to.

They will have won.

So what am I doing to pay the price for my freedom?

This. I’m ending my silence and I’m speaking up and loudly and as often as I can, even if I risk losing customers, or my ability to use the platforms my business relies upon.

I’m joining JP Sears, Brian Rose, Sean Whalen, Andy Frisella, Patrick Byrne and a growing number of others who are doing the same.

If you want America to survive, set aside your politics, and stand up for the Constitution, stand up for your rights, and stand against the tyrants who are no longer at our doorstep, but in our homes, on our phones, and in our positions of power.

If you want to know who the enemy is, they don’t wear military uniforms…

But they are the ones who are telling you to live in fear, telling you to stay home, telling you what to think about the election, and telling you to close your business down.

And as you can probably now see, we are surrounded, and they are about to put a knife into the heart of Liberty.

If you are too afraid to speak out, then they’ve already won. You have been intimidated into obedience, which is all they needed.

Freedom is not free.

So what are you willing to sacrifice in order to keep yours?




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