The biggest life event that can absolutely destroy everything you’ve built and worked for as a man, is going through a divorce.
I know how painful this can be because I went through a divorce five years ago. Soon after getting married I launched my most successful business ever, I bought a family house, and started building my investment portfolio.
Just 18 months later we seperated, and I lost half of everything I’d built.
And that happened because I was naive. I thought it wouldn’t happen to me, and that getting a prenuptial agreement was planning to fail.
Well over the past year, I’ve had several of my friends take their first journey down the path of marriage, and many of them asked for advice, and that advice is simple…
You wouldn’t start a new company with a business partner without an ownership and operating agreement, especially if it required you to put 100% of your assets on the table from day 1, so why in the world would you get married without a pre-nup?
Well today we’re going to have a very candid talk with divorce lawyer, Alyssa Rower.
I realize this can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss with your significant other, but as you’ll hear today, going into a marriage with a pre-nup is the only way to a safe and healthy relationship for both parties no matter what happens.
Alyssa will bring you up to speed on martial law, and we’ll dive into cost, considerations, and the healthy way to bring up the topic with your spouse to be.
If you plan to get married in the future, this will be the most valuable podcast episode you’ll ever listen to, and I can say that with the kind of confidence that only real world experience can provide.