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Building Your Personal Brand Website…With Dmitriy Kozlov

Building Your Personal Brand Website…With Dmitriy Kozlov

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About this Episode

Hey gang, today I’m going to introduce you to one of my most valuable resources… His name is Dmitriy Kozlov. Not only has he been a personal friend of mine for almost 10 years now, but he’s also the Founder of a company called

So Influex is the best company out there, period, if you want to build a website for you and your personal brand.

Now this is a very important subject for two reasons…

The first, is that I think it’s critical that we all have a personal website that sells us as individuals.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and yes you will absolutely be judged by the impression that you make.

Well if we consider that 99% of the people who find us, will find us online, rather than meet us in person, how important does your website, and the impression it makes, become?

It’s unbelievably important.

But that brings us to the most important part of this interview…

I’d say that 9 out of 10 personal brand websites that I’ve seen, are doing it wrong.

People think that a personal brand site is supposed to be all about them… Who they are, what they’ve accomplished, and why they’re so cool.

And sure, those elements have a place on your website, but the people who get it, and who do this right… Will realize that this is still, always about the prospect and the customer.

Which means that your brand website isn’t about you first and the customer second, it’s about the customer first.

The primary focus of the site is all about them, and how you can help them achieve their goals.

Second to that, is your story.

A story that allows people to get to know you better, and to come to the conclusion that, “yes, this person knows their stuff, and they can help me.”

Now if you want to see what this looks like in action, just head to because Dmitriy and his team at Influex, just rebuilt the entire site for me, from the ground up.

And when you’re there, I want you to really pay attention to the structure and the copy on the home page because it will illustrate the difference between a site built around you, and a site built around your customer.

Now with the being said, please help me welcome, Dmitriy kozlov.

Contact to work with Dmitriy


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About the Instructor

Dmitriy Kozlov Chief Expression Officer at Influex
My Purpose is to Accelerate The Evolution of Love Through Inspiring and Empowering Influencers. It’s at the center of all that I do and all that I am. Today, my life is a dream – in that I live a life beyond my wildest dreams. I have multiple successful companies deeply aligned with my purpose and working on launching new ventures. I am expressing myself as an artist and evolving my expression. I live in my dream home in the heart of what I believe to be the most loving evolutionary community on earth.
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1 thought on “Building Your Personal Brand Website…With Dmitriy Kozlov”

  1. I liked the presentation. Mike you are the influencer.
    I would go with Dmitry based on your input.

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