Well, it’s that time of year… A time to reflect on the previous 12 months, and to set our goals for the next 12 to come.

Personally, my theme this year is “balance”. I want to work less, and dedicate more time to personal pursuits that enrich my life.

I want to hit the track more often so I’ve committed to competing in six Porsche races this year.

I want to get back into fishing, which has been one of my biggest passions in life.

I want to turn fitness into an activity I look forward to every day, rather than a to-do item that’s constantly in the way of something else.

And I want to get back a daily habit that has paid huge dividends over the course of my career when pursued, which is reading.

In order to achieve this balance between work and personal activities, I’m going to end my work day at [2:00] this year.

To successfully pull that off, the hours I do work have to be truly productive, and if I’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s that the key to productivity begins with your physiology… With your body, your energy levels, and your ability to focus.

Two hours in flow are easily as productive as 6 hours in a low-energy, stressed, and scattered mental state.

So to help you increase your productivity and performance this year both physically and mentally, we’re joined by a man who’s turned this subject matter into his life’s passion… Dave Asprey.

Many of you have heard of Dave through his Bulletproof Coffee revolution, but you probably haven’t heard the whole story… The story of how he weighed almost 300 pounds, and how he turned his passion for hacking computers, into hacking the human body to unlock its full potential.

Well today you will, and much more. Specifically, Dave is going to share three things that you can start doing today that will reduce your stress, and dramatically increase your productivity levels as we roll into the new year.