There are two industries around the world that are on the cusp of exponential growth…

The first is crypto currencies and assets like Bitcoin, and the second is grass, ganja, the reefer, mary jane, aka, marijuana.

Thanks to the states of Colorado and Washington, the doors were opened to the recreational legalization of cannabis in 2012.

Since then 47 out of 50 states have legalized marijuana sales for medical use, while 11 have made it fully legal for sale recreationally.

But those laws are changing incredibly fast as the general public’s perception of marijuana has started to change, and as these state government’s begin to the see the considerable amount of tax revenue being generated by this new industry.

Within the next few years, the recreational sale and use of cannabis will be legalized across the country.

Just like Crypto, this decriminalization process has kicked-off a new gold rush for savvy, forward thinking entrepreneurs.

The race to capture the next $100 Billion market has begun, and today we’re joined by one of the biggest players in the industry, Christian Hageseth.

Christian is the Founder of Green Man Cannabis, which is an award winning cultivation and dispensary company out of Colorado.

Today, Christian is creating the first dispensary franchise through the ONE Cannabis Group, and they will be taking the company public in Q1 of 2019.

Whether it’s creating your own line of CBD supplements, buying a One Cannabis Franchise, or simply investing in the stock of these companies as they start to go public, the opportunities this new industry is creating for entrepreneurs like you, are absolutely endless.

If this is an industry that you’d like to learn more about, and learn quickly, then I’d recommend picking up a copy of Christian’s book, Big Weed. In a nod to Big Oil, Big Tobacco and Big Alcohol, Big Weed will bring you up to speed on every facet of the industry, and give you a basic lay of the land so you can start to understand it, and identify opportunities.

So without further ado, please help me welcome, Christian Hageseth.