Wow… I think you’ll agree that this is one of the most valuable interviews we’ve ever had here on Self Made Man… Today we’re sitting down with internet law attorney, Richard Chapo, and holy smokes, you’re going to want to take some notes.

If you have a business that does business online… If your company has a webpage and if you send emails or sell products, there’s a 99% chance you’re currently breaking the law, and today you’re going to find out what to do about it.

We’re going to dive into the insanity of the new GDPR rules that have come out of Europe, and what you need to do about them.

We’re going to talk about those little important documents that you should have at the bottom of your website like your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy…

We’re going to talk about some ridiculously cheap insurance that you can get that will cover your legal expenses if your business ever gets sued, and all kinds of incredibly valuable pieces of advice like this…

Again… If you have a company that does business online, this episode is going to be one of the best you’ve ever heard, and please make sure you share it with your fellow entrepreneurs so they can protect themselves as well.