About 9 months ago, a guy named Ed Mylett came out of nowhere, and made a massive splash in the entrepreneur and personal development space…

Within weeks he was on every major podcast, and even started a YouTube show of his own, where he was interviewing people like NFL star Terrell Owens, Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank, and Tony Robbins.

Next he announced business partnerships with Grant Cardone, and Andy Frisella, and within months his YouTube channel has grown to over 180,000 subscribers, and his Instagram account is quickly approaching 900,000 followers.

So I had to know…

Who is Ed Mylett?

Well, it turns out that Ed is an incredibly successful entrepreneur, and a quintessential Self-Made Man who came from nothing, and built a $400,000,000 million fortune in the financial services industry.

He’s a husband, a father, and a guy who leads his life with passion and with heart in a way that leaves you feeling truly inspired.

This has been one of my favorite interviews of the year, as we dive into why Ed has come out from behind the curtain and into the light of social media,

We’ll also get into the process that he takes his clients through in order to unlock their full potential.

From creating a successful marriage, to raising kids with wealth, to the role that hash browns play in his social media strategy, we cover it all…

Without further ado, please help me welcome, the one, and only Ed Mylett.


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