I know a lot of listeners out there are attempting to build their company, their brand, and their online presence for the very first time, which is always the most difficult stage in any entrepreneur’s career.

Establishing that foothold, and getting the market’s attention when you don’t have an audience is a challenge, so I’m always eager to bring guests onto the show who have managed to overcome this hurdle.

Today we’re going to talk to Dr. Mona Vand.

Mona is building one of the fastest growing personal brands in the health and wellness industry.

Now what makes her story particularly interesting is that she used to be a pharmacist, and the pharmaceutical industry is not viewed very fondly by natural health enthusiasts.

In fact, it’s often portrayed as enemy number one.

But Mona didn’t hide that fact, or give into the assumed expectations for a wellness expert.

Instead, she incorporated her expertise in both areas into her brand, resulting in an extremely unique combination that’s allowed her to stand out in a very crowded marketplace.

Today we’ll dive into her thoughts around branding, the challenges she’s had along the way, and how she’s built up an audience on Instagram of more than 116,000 followers.

If you’re looking for ways to stand out and establish your brand, today’s podcast is for you…