Today’s interview is one of my favorites…

We’re going to sit down with the biggest power couple in fitness, Chris and Heidi Powell.

If they sound familiar, it’s because they are the stars of ABC’s hit show, Extreme Weight Loss, and together, they have built up a social media following of more than 3 million fans.

Well my plan for this interview was to dive into how they’ve built their brand and their business empire.

And while that’s what we end up discussing, how they achieved their success was completely unexpected…

At the end of the day, what they’ve built is not a result of effective marketing… It’s the result of the relationship they have with each other.   When Chris met Heidi, he was completely broke and literally living out of his car.

Heidi was divorced with two kids, and the last thing she wanted was a relationship.

But the attitude that each of them brought to the table when it came to their dreams in life, and each other, was the magic pixie dust that changed everything.

There is nothing in this world, that has a greater impact on your destiny, or quality of life, than the partner you choose to spend it with. What you have here today, is an opportunity to see what’s possible when you choose the right person.

You’ll have a chance to see the qualities you want to look for as you hear Chris and Heidi share their story, and you’ll walk away from this interview with a lasting example in your mind, of what a world-class relationship looks like, and what’s possible in life when you find the perfect partner.