By the time Suzy Batiz was 38, she’d filed for bankruptcy for the second time in her life.

Her cars were repossessed, she lost her business, and she was broken in every way you could imagine.

So she went on a journey to examine her life in an attempt to find out why she was constantly struggling with business, with money, and with her relationships…

What she discovered, and what you’ll learn about there today, changed everything.
Within a few years, she started a little company called PooPouri.
PooPouri is exactly what it sounds like… A new way to handle unwanted odors in your bathroom.
Today, they’ve done over $400 million in sales, and her life has completely changed in every way.
So what happened? What did Suzy learn that allowed her to turn a life of struggle, into a life of abundance and success?
Well, I’ll just say this… The answer is pretty surprising.

You’re in for one hell of a story today, so please help me welcome Suzy Batiz.