Today we’re joined by an entrepreneur with a truly inspiring story…

Chris Cavallini grew up in a broken home with a mother who was a drug addict, and was arrested 17 times before the age of 18.

At the age of 18 he had a choice to make… He could continue down this road of destruction and ultimately end up dead or in jail, or he could join the military.

Within a few months, he was training to become one of the rarest specialists in the armed forces… A Navy Deep Sea Diver.

Deep Sea divers are tasked with some of the most difficult and dangerous missions in the world, in an environment where mistakes or malfunctions lead to death.

Once he left the Navy, he applied the discipline that he learned as a diver to his health, and his first venture as an entrepreneur…

Nutrition Solutions prepares and ships meals to tens of thousands of customers around the country who have fitness as their top priority.

If you want to reduce your body fat, or start putting on muscle, Nutrition Solutions has a meal plan that’s specifically designed to help you reach your goals.

Today Chris has grown the company to more than 8 figures in revenue, and they’re just getting started.

Given his background and where he’s come from, I think you’ll agree that he’s an incredibly humble guy who’s really figured out the secret to success in life and business, and he’s someone we can all learn from.


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