There are few things in life that can affect our emotional state more than sound.

The energy that fills your body when your favorite song comes on… The peaceful state of relaxation that comes from the sound of ocean waves.

The thrill of a Ferrari’s exhaust that lets you know you’re sitting inside a metal beast with 600 HP

And the suspense, fear, and anxiety that a few notes can instill during your favorite horror movies.

Sound makes emotion, and when it comes to business, emotion makes the sale.

And yet the vast majority of us ignore sound all together.

Well today’s episode with our guest Julian Treasure will change that.

Julian is the Founder of The Sound Agency.

The Sound Agency helps companies such as Harrods, Nokia, Honda, and the Waldorf Astoria enhance their brand experience through sound. They can design a music playlist that’s tailored for your company and designed to create the emotions you want.

They can design the jingle or sonic logo used in your company’s intro videos, or they can help architects design buildings to reduce noise pollution and unwanted echoes as they did with Glasgow airport.

Julian has one of the top 10 TED talks of all time titled, “How To Speak So That People Will Listen” which has over 17 million views, and today he’s going to shine some light on a very important, but neglected part of your business that can have a dramatic impact on sales.