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How Black Rifle Coffee Declared War On Hipsters And Won… with Evan Hafer

How Black Rifle Coffee Declared War On Hipsters And Won… with Evan Hafer

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About this Episode

Today we have an amazing interview with the Founder of Black Rifle Coffee, Evan Hafer…

Black Rifle is the quintessential entrepreneur success story…

So Evan had two passions in life… Roasting his own coffee, and serving his country as a member of the Special Forces.

When he finally made the decision to retire from the military, he needed a plan B, and selling coffee became it.

He would literally roast his beans at home, bag them, and then taught himself how to market online until he made his very first sale.

From that point forward, he never looked back, and has created one of the most viral brands in the world.

Black Rifle Coffee is one of the best examples of niche marketing that you’ll ever find.

They market a fantastic product to a very specific audience, without apology…

Their humorous ads are filled with guns, girls, and a declaration of war on hipsters and their dedication to their audience has been rewarded in spades.

Today they’ve grown to 100 employees, have 30,000 active customers who subscribe to their monthly coffee club, and a valuation that’s in the $100’s of millions.

If you want to learn how to create a world-class brand from your kitchen table… If you want to dive into the formula they’ve used to create their viral marketing videos, and if you want to learn what it takes to build a $100 Million company from scratch, do not miss this episode.

About the Instructor

Evan Hafer Founder of Black Rifle Coffee Company and former Green Beret
Evan Hafer spent 14 years as an Army infantryman, a Special Forces Green Beret, and a CIA contractor. During this time Evan began roasting his own coffee, and became so obsessed with the craft that he would bring his own beans on deployments to Iraq. After retiring from service he turned his hobby into a business, and today Black Rifle Coffee Company is the fastest growing coffee company in the country.
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1 thought on “How Black Rifle Coffee Declared War On Hipsters And Won… with Evan Hafer”

  1. This was an outstanding episode. It was very informative and having recently retired from the U.S. Navy after 24 years and starting my own entrepreneurial endeavor, I found it motivating. I also learned a lot that I plan to implement.

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