One of my primary goals with Self Made Man is to introduce you to individuals I know who have managed to start from nothing and build extraordinary wealth.

Well the gentleman I’d like to introduce you to today is just such a person, and what I’ve learned from him over the past few years about money and investing has changed my life…

Most of you will recognize him by his pen name, Michael Masterson, and his best-selling book, “Ready, Fire, Aim”, but his real name is Mark Ford.

Even though Mark is an incredibly successful entrepreneur, he’s managed to avoid the financial pitfalls that come with an entrepreneur’s risk-taking profile.

Listen in, and you’ll learn how to grow richer every single day, how to amass millions of dollars, even if you’re starting from scratch, and most importantly… How to make sure that you don’t lose what you make.

Enjoy, and please leave your comments for me below! (I read them all!)