We’ve had several guests on the show here who have gone through incredibly levels of abuse during their childhood…

Wesley Chapman being one, and today’s guest JT McCormick another…

As a child, JT was sexually abused for years. Having mixed-race parents, he was always the outcast no matter where he went, and spent most of his youth either homeless, or in juvenile detention.

By all predictive measures, JT should have ended up dead, or in prison.

But he didn’t.

He got his first job sorting mail for Nationwide Insurance. He quickly worked his way up the ladder. Within a few years he was offered a Regional Vice President position at another firm, and then landed at a software company called Head Spring.

Within two years he was promoted to President of the company, and HeadSpring was listed as one of the top places to work for the next three years in a row.

Today, JT’s career has brought him much closer to home when my friend and fellow SMM guest, Tucker Max, brought him on as the CEO of Book In A Box.

As you’ll hear in today’s interview, they are achieving record growth under his leadership.

What I’m absolutely fascinated by, is how people like Wes and JT managed to turn an abusive nightmare childhood, into fuel for an extraordinary life.

Ultimately they must have made a conscious decision to pursue a better path… To choose empowerment instead of victimhood, and service instead of perpetuating a cycle of abuse.

Today we’re going to dive into JT’s story and discover that moment, and the decisions he made that changed his life.

They are living examples of the fact that your past does not determine your future, and that you are one decision away from changing your destiny.

This is what Self Made Man is all about.