Some of the biggest questions and concerns I hear from new entrepreneurs, is about competition…

What if there are already a bunch of people offering products and services like mine?

Isn’t the opportunity already gone if that’s the case?

While that might be a logical concern to have when you’re just getting started, the truth of the matter, is that competition is a great sign.

It lets you know that it’s a big market filled with lots of customers who are already spending money.

Now you simply need to figure how to create a competing product that will allow you to attract the attention of just a small part of that massive audience.

This will allow you to secure your beach-head, and then grow from there.

Well, today we’re joined by Eric Casaburi, who has done exactly that.

He started his first gym called Retro Fitness in 2004.

As you can imagine, the gym industry is incredibly competitive, and filled with risk… You have to sign a lease or buy real estate, you have to spend a ton of money on equipment and employees, and you have to compete against the guys who are right down the street.

Despite those barriers to entry, Eric has managed to grow Retro Fitness into more than 150 locations around the country, and $150,000,000 in revenue.

Well today, you’re going to find out how he’s managed to compete so successfully in such a crowded industry, and how you can use the same strategies in your business.

Without further ado, please help me welcome, Eric Casaburi.

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