So today is really special here at Self Made Man for two reasons… First, we just hit the 2 Million download mark, which is just an awesome milestone, and all of you who are listening here today, are the reason for that, so thank you so much for your continued support of the show, and for sharing it with your friends and family members.

The second reason, is that we’re joined today by one of the most successful entrepreneurs we’ve ever had on the show, and certainly the biggest rock star…

The Demon himself… The Co-Founder of KISS, Mr. Gene Simmons.

For you young bucks out there who might not be familiar with KISS, they are one of the biggest bands of all time, with a career that has now spanned 43 years.

They are without a doubt, the biggest innovators that rock and roll has ever seen…

They secured the first trademarks in history for the face of an entertainer, and the signature makeup worn by KISS.

They pushed the envelope of what a live rock and roll show could be with elaborate performances that which featured fire breathing, blood-spitting, smoking guitars, shooting rockets, levitating drum kits, and pyrotechnics.

And they were the first real band to treat the music business, like a business, securing over 3,000 licensing deals which has allowed them to generate more money from merchandise, than any other artist in the history of music

And that brings us to why Gene is here with us today…

Three years ago, Gene wrote a book called “Me Inc, Build an Army of One, Unleash your Inner Rock God, And Win In Life and Business.”

Well ten years ago, I had written about a concept called “You Inc” in my very first book, which was strategy of building a company and a brand around you as an individual.

So I naturally picked up a copy of the booked, and was shocked by Gene’s story.

Despite the over the top persona he plays in music, Gene is incredibly disciplined, and one of the smartest business men you’ll ever have the chance to learn from.

As much as I’d love to share some examples with you right now, I don’t want to ruin what you’ll discover here in our interview today as he shares the biggest secrets to success in life, in business, and with money.