There’s an often used headline in the online entrepreneur space, that goes something like this… Learn how to turn your passion, into profits.   The reason you hear it so often, is because it’s a strategy that works, and today’s guest is an extraordinary example of what it means to turn your biggest passion, or problem in life, into a successful business venture.   Kaelin and Brandon Poulin are currently in their early 20’s, and over the past three years, they’ve built a little online business from scratch, that currently does over $1,000,000 per month in recurring revenue.   This all started when Kaelin hit her breaking point. She was 65 pounds overweight, unhealthy, and tired of what she saw when she looked in the mirror. So she did something about it, and within 12 months, she set a world-record for the fastest woman to ever qualify for a professional fitness competition license.   Her personal transformation story served as the foundation for her new passion… Helping other women reach their fitness goals, and transform their health.   Later that year with the help of her husband Brandon, they launched… A private membership community for women.   Today, they currently have over 140,000 active members who subscribe for $27/mo.   Do the math, and your jaw will drop. And did I mention they’re just 23 years old?   So how did they do it?   How did two young kids with zero previous marketing experience build an 8-figure business empire in one of the most competitive markets in the world?   Well you’re going to find out, as we dive into the details behind their marketing strategies for finding customers, retaining those customers, and building an incredibly loyal tribe.   Kaelin and Brandon’s success is incredibly impressive, and I have studied every part of their business for months.   If you want to learn how to build a recurring revenue membership business, you’re about to learn from the best of the best…   With that being said, make sure you head to after you listen to this episode, and watch the new class from Russell Brunson. It’s called, “The Truth About Making Money In An Online Business”.   And the reason you should go watch that class, is because Kaelin and Brandon built their entire business using Russell’s business model and software platform.   And right now, you can even watch the entire class for free, along with the rest of the library for the next 7 days.   Between these two resources, you’ll receive a Master’s Degree in online marketing.