Today we have the amazing pleasure to sit down and learn from one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, and local Austinite, Brett Hurt.

One of the very first companies Brett started was which was eventually purchased by IBM for $300 million.

The next company he started is one that you’ve probably heard of… which was started in 2005, and then went public in 2012 in a billion Dollar IPO.

And today, he’s at it once again as he attempts to revolutionize the most valuable industry in the world… Data.

Data is information, and information is priceless. Facebook is one of the most valuable companies in the world, because they control more information about human beings, than any other company on the planet.

Wall Street lives and breaths on information about the markets, companies, and trends.

And the world’s governments spend hundreds of billions per year on gathering information about their enemies, their allies, the economy, and the environment.

Data has never been more abundant or more valuable, and yet there are two massive problems…

First, data’s value can only accessed be if you can accurately analyze it and apply what it’s trying to tell you.

99% of us have an incredible amount of data available to us about our businesses, our customers, and our marketing campaigns, and yet most of us haven’t tapped into that power in any kind of deeply strategic or useful way.

The second problem, is that all of the information currently being produced by the world, is fragmented and separated into private silos and databases, which prevents it’s true value and potential from every being realized.

Well Brett’s new company, was created to change that.

Their goal is to collect the world’s data, and organize it in a manner that’s truly useful and accessible.

It might not sound like the most exciting subject matter in the world, until you realize that whoever controls the world’s data, and can successfully interpret what it’s revealing, has the ability to outperform all competitors, and even predict the future. could very well become that company.

Please help me welcome, Brett Hurt.