I have to say that I truly love what I do.

I love learning, I love creating, and I love sharing the knowledge and lessons I’ve learned in life so others can benefit from my experience.

During the past 15 years, I’ve been able to help change the lives of over 1 million people, and it’s created a ripple that’s gone on to impact the lives of tens-of-millions of people thanks to my student’s work, and the impact they’re now having on the world.

And personally, building an education business has allowed me to live a life of freedom and opportunity I could only dream of 20 years ago.

But I never set out to build this kind of business.

Back in 2005, I simply started sharing what I knew with others, and it just took on a life of its own.

One day I was waiting tables, and three months later I was making over $50,000 per month selling a 50-page booklet that I wrote as a training manual for my team members.

When you really think about it, this is an incredibly special kind of business because it’s the only one in the world that allows you to turn the thoughts and ideas in your head, into revenue.

There’s no inventory to manufacture. There’s no wholesale product to pay for, and there’s no retail space to buy.

You can charge whatever you’d like, and your only real cost of goods sold is whatever you decide to spend on advertising.

And here’s the really interesting part…

You don’t even need to be the expert. Some of the most profitable information businesses in the world are built around you as a host, just like Oprah, interviewing people who are experts.

Imagine getting to interview and learn from your favorite people in the world, about your favorite subject in the world, and getting paid for it.

Well, you can do it, and today we’re joined by one of the most successful education business entrepreneurs in the world, my friend Dean Graziosi.

Last year, Dean and Tony Robbins launched The Knowledge Business Blueprint because they wanted to take the movement of self-education and turn it into the new norm.

They wanted to empower “we the people”, to help each other.

And by all measures, they’ve done it. The launch of The Knowledge Business Blueprint was the largest in history, and today Dean joins us to fill us in on what took place during that launch, and what’s their planning for a newer, and better version 2 which is launching tonight February 27th, at [7:00] CST.

If you’d like to start and grow a business that’s built around your favorite passion in the world, a business that you can start for next to nothing, and that can make a positive impact on the world, this is the single best place to start.

You can join myself, Dean, and Tony on the livecast tonight by going to JoinMikeAndDean.com




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