A few weeks ago we hosted Pejman Ghadimi on the show, who’s a very successful entrepreneur. His two primary brands are Exotic Car Hacks and Secret Entourage, and between them, he has over 45,000 paying Members.

Over the past two years Pejman has put a ton of effort into growing his Instagram audience, with Secret Entourage accumulating over 450,000 followers and 100,000 for Exotic Car Hacks.

Acquiring those kinds of numbers takes a strategic plan, systematic execution, and some inside baseball.

So how have they done it?

Well today we’re joined by the man behind the curtain of those accounts and their growth… Andrew Goodman.

Andrew joined Pejman’s team in 2014 and quickly took ownership of growing their Instagram audience to what it has become.

Today Andrew is going to lay out their entire process for you in one of the most detailed and valuable episodes we’ve ever had here at Self Made Man.

You’ll learn about the software they use to create and manage their accounts.

How many times they post per day and why.

How they create super fans.

And best of all, what you need to do to build your account if you’re just starting from scratch.

If you want to grow a massive following on Instagram quickly, this is this episode you’ve been looking for.