One of the single most powerful points of leverage that you can create in your life… Is to master the art of communicating with your fellow humans.

This knowledge can make the difference in so many areas of your life… From getting a date, to making the sale, to getting your business funded, or hiring a leader who will go on to 10X your business.

Well, today we have a chance to learn how to captivate people from the woman who wrote the book on the subject, Vanessa Van Edwards.

Vanessa has spent her life decoding the way people communicate, and today she’s going to share some incredibly valuable lessons that can transform your business and personal life.

One of the most interesting parts of our discussion today is that fact that she and her team have spent years decoding every major TED talk in order to determine why some end up going viral will tens of millions of views, while most don’t

We’ll they’ve figured it out, and today you’re going to learn the secrets behind the biggest TED talks in history.

You’re also going to learn how to attract and win over your enemies.

How to connect with the biggest names and leaders in any industry.

And how to create a positive impression and impact within minutes of meeting someone, or walking into a room filled with strangers.

One successful new relationship can literally change the course of your life, so this is a subject all of us need to master.