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How To Choose The Right Business Model With James Schramko

How To Choose The Right Business Model With James Schramko

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About this Episode

Our guest today is James Schramko.

James is one of the longest running, and most respected online marketers in the industry.

If you haven’t heard of him, that’s likely because he doesn’t have a massive following on social media?

Why not?

Because he doesn’t really want or need one.

What he does have, is the respect and attention of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the industry who subscribe to his services which he charges up to $3,000 per month for.

He also has an elegant, multiple 7-figure lifestyle business that he’s refined and improved for over 10 years now which is something you rarely ever see.

So I thought I’d jump on a call with James, and have a detailed talk about business models because the two of us have seen just about all of them.

Should you go with high prices or low?

Should you build a business around monthly recurring income, or a one-time fee?

Should you start an education company, an agency, or a software business?

Should you focus on building a cash cow that can fund a nice lifestyle, or put all of the money back in your business and invest in future growth?

These are some of the most important questions you’ll ever have to answer as a business owner, and today James and I are going to help you do exactly that.

Work Less, Make More: The counter-intuitive approach to building a profitable business, and a life you actually love
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About the Instructor

James Schramko Founder and CEO, SuperFastBusiness and SilverCircle Author: Amazon Best Seller - Work Less, Make More
James Schramko is an online business coach from Manly, Sydney. He currently owns and runs two online business coaching communities. In his eleven years as a business coach, he has helped over 3,000 of his students create and maintain six, seven and eight-figure businesses.

Before he built his coaching businesses, James was a General Manager at Mercedes-Benz. He made a six-figure income but was stressed by the demands of his job, wanting the time and financial freedom he could see their top-level clients enjoying. Putting in many hours on the internet after work, he eventually made enough to quit Mercedes-Benz and go into online business full-time.

Since then, James has grown his coaching communities into multi-million dollar businesses that fund a lifestyle he loves. Running his businesses with an input of just 20 hours a week, he finds ample time to surf, spend time with family and friends, watch movies and travel. The keys to such idyllic living are what he shares inside his two paid communities, SilverCircle and SuperFastBusiness.

About SuperFastBusiness and SilverCircle

SuperFastBusiness is James' paid community of entrepreneurs, the majority of members make more than $100k per year. With the community resources and with personal coaching from James, SFB members gain proven, leveraged ways of running their businesses that increase their earnings and free up their time, vastly improving their ability to enjoy life.

SilverCircle is James' paid, high-performance mastermind. It provides intensive one-on-one training to already successful online marketers who have that potential for further growth that James identifies and builds on so well. Members of this select group report multi-million dollar gains within short periods of working with James.
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