One of the biggest lessons that I’ve ever learned as an entrepreneur, is the power of attaching a story to a product.

A story is what transforms an ordinary piece of clothing, or a car, or a bottle of wine, into something different, into something special that’s an experience… And from that point forward, it stands apart in your mind for every other product like it.

David Munson has built SaddleBack Leather on the stories of his life… Whether it’s bullfighting in Mexico, or running from the Federales, or walking trekking across the Sahara, Saddleback products come with a story from the moment you buy one, and for that reason, there’s nothing else like them in the world.

If you’ve ever wanted to build a company with a physical product, this is an absolutely must-hear interview as Dave shares his wisdom when it comes to product quality, marketing, and how to boot strap your business when you’re just starting out.

If you’re making a great product that people want to buy, it’s going to get ripped off, which is exactly what happened to Dave…

But how he handled it and turned their theft into his advantage was one of the single most brilliant moves in marketing that I’ve ever seen.