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How To Create A Mobile App… with Christos Shepherd

How To Create A Mobile App… with Christos Shepherd

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About this Episode

‘Have you ever thought about creating your own mobile app?

Maybe you have a unique idea that you want to develop, or may you’ve thought about creating an app for your existing business and customers.

Either way, a mobile customer experience is something that can no longer be ignored because the phone is now the primary way that your prospects and customers access the internet.

As of 2017, 71% of all time spent online in the US takes place on a mobile device.

Americans spend an average of 87 hours per month on their phones.

And 90% of that time, is consumed within individual apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

This trend will online continue to increase, which means you need to become a mobile-first company if you want to stay relevant and continue to grow into the future.

The opportunities are substantial, but so are the number of pitfalls.

How do you develop an app? How much should it cost? How do you get your target audience to actually download it and engage?

And how can you drive revenue and conversions within that system?

To help you navigate this world, we’re joined today by Christos Shepherd

Christos is a seasoned entrepreneur with a heck of a resume when you consider that he actually founded an airline when he was in his 20’s.

He is also the Founder of – a revolutionary mobile app that allows anyone in the world to submit questions to their favorite experts and celebrities, and get paid in the process.

Well today he’s going to give you a crash-course when it comes to creating, funding, launching, and growing a mobile app.

About the Instructor

Christos Shepherd Co-Founder of Campfire App
Christos is one of the co-founders of Campfire. He is a Stanford MBA grad who previously started his own airline, and helped governments and entrepreneurs across Africa to start airlines of their own. He has also been a correspondent for The Economist in London and The South China Morning Post in Shanghai.
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