When you look at the New York Times list of Best-Selling books at any given time, you’ll obviously find the latest and greatest titles that are flying off the shelves.
But what you might not realize, is that the book that’s currently in first place… Really isn’t.
Because that best-selling list does not include titles that are considered Perennial Sellers… The books that have been selling millions of copies year after year, for 10, 20, or even 30 years on reputation and word of mouth alone…

Titles like Think and Grow Rich, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, or the Bible.
These are the books like Four Hour Work Week, or videos like The Secret, that can create a brand, and define a legacy for decades.
And I can attest to the power of creating a Perennial Seller, because my very first book, Magnetic Sponsoring, is what launched my entrepreneurial career 12 years ago.
Entrepreneurs today are focused on producing content in quantity, when they should be focused on quality if they want to truly stand out from the crowd.
Well today, Ryan Holiday will walk us through that process and teach you what it takes to create your own Perennial Seller.
You’ll learn how to come up with an idea that has a real chance at disrupting your market, and capturing the world’s attention.
We’ll dive into the marketing process that will help you launch it,
And talk about the amount of time and work that you should invest in order to produce a timeless piece of work.