If you’ve been online for the past few years, you’ve probably seen ads from a young man named Dan Henry…

Dan has a classic, “rags-to-riches” story thanks to the incredible opportunities that are online right now…

As many of you know, when I got my start, I was dead broke and waiting tables at a PF Chang’s.

And Dan?

Well he was a broke college dropout who was delivering pizzas.

At one point, he had to sell water bottles on the street just to try and pay the bills.

Both of us swore we’d find a way to make it in business, and both of us found that opportunity in online marketing.

Dan got his start by mastering Facebook ads. He started an agency running ad campaigns for bars in his local town, and quickly grew that business to more than $25,000 per month.

Realizing he could dramatically scale his revenue by producing courses teaching what he knew, instead of running an agency, he did exactly that.

His first course was called, “30 Day Agency”, and within 5 months, he’d made his first million dollars.

Within three years, he’d hit $10 million in sales.

Today, Dan has one of the best-selling courses in the industry on how to sell your knowledge for a premium price.

I’ve gotten a chance to know him personally over the past few months, and he’s an extremely smart young man.

If you want to make money online selling information and education, and do it quickly, then I’d highly recommend paying attention to what he has to share with you today.



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