Two years ago, a video with a red-headed hippy wearing a purple shirt and a flower sticking out of his headband popped up in my Facebook feed that was titled, “How To Be Ultra Spiritual”.

It was one of the funniest videos I’d ever seen, and it quickly went viral with tens of millions of views.

That video, and the ones to follow, signaled the birth of the JP Sears “Ultra Spiritual” brand and character whose videos have now been viewed over 100,000,000 times.

There are very few opportunities to witness the birth of a successful brand from the very beginning, especially one that sprouted from someone with no real marketing experience or agenda, and who spent the previous 10 years as an emotional healing coach with a private practice.

Well, today we have a chance to pull back the curtain of the character and meet the real JP.

You’ll hear the real story behind the viral videos, and how you can apply his method to your business.

We’ll get into the challenges that come with internet fame, and that might be preventing you from sharing your ideas with the world on a grander scale, and we’ll even dive into the very serious topic of how to heal the emotional traumas we all experience in life that can hold us back from living the best life that we can.