The concept of community has made a dramatic shift over the past two months, hasn’t it?

The sense of community we’d normally experience at work, or school, or simply going to the grocery store, or eating at a restaurant has been taken away.

And they’ve been replaced with online communities.

Work meetings have moved from boardrooms to zoom rooms.

In many ways, as an online entrepreneur, things are largely the same. I still have a 20-foot commute to work every morning, and I still conduct business with my virtual team… Well virtually…

But here’s what has changed…

Micro communities have popped up online, and these communities are largely determined by your current mindset, mental state, goals, and sources of media consumption…

For example, I’m in two private groups on WhatsApp…

One group consists of entrepreneurs like Eben Pagan, Annie Lalla, Marie Forleo, Joe Polish, John Lee Dumas, Dean Graziosi, etc… This group is focused on two things… Making sure everyone’s businesses are holding up, and the second, finding a way to help and serve the rest of society.

The second group consists of friends of mine who have been through market crashes before, who have contacts in the military, and who are making sure everyone’s covered should a worst-case scenario take place.

And then there’s a third group, which I’ll simply refer to as Facebook and the 3,500 friends I’m connected to on there.

I don’t know about you, but my Facebook feed has become an absolute dumpster fire.

It’s a full-on sewer pipe straight into the brain right now.

Blame, finger-pointing, victim-hood, conspiracy theories, disrespect… All lead people to the same destination…

A place filled with fear, disconnection, anger, frustration, trauma, and failure.

You cannot think creatively when you’re looking at a virtual car wreck all day. You cannot lead, motivate, or inspire your team. You cannot solve your problems, create solutions, or wake up feeling empowered.

Ultimately, your tribe will determine your destination, and after observing these different dynamics for the past two months, it’s become extremely clear to me that another option is needed.

We all know the saying that you will get the results of the 5 people you spend the most time around.

Well I want you to take a long hard look at who you’re spending your time around online, and on Netflix.

Are you rummaging around in Facebook dumpster fire because you don’t know where else to go?

Are you poisoning your mind with garbage like Tiger King every night?

Yep, I watched it. On one hand, it’s another car wreck you can’t look away from. And on the other, I felt like I’d just eaten a rotten meal that just poisoned my body.

The most valuable asset you have right now is your brain, and your brain is a sponge that will soak up everything you expose it to, for better or worse.

So I decided to create a new community. Something that was private and off of Facebook.

It’s called Revvenue Mastermind, and the goal or Revvenue is simple…

Over 100 A-players like the Founder of Sam Cart, two real estate billionaires… Two social media titans that run the campaigns for Brendon Bruchard and Russell Brunson, the best Facebook ad experts in the industry, the best YouTube ad agency owners, Robert Kiyosaki’s CPA, the best funnel builders, the best mindset coaches, and more…

Have all joined Revvenue in the last 48 hours for two primary reasons…

They want to be a part of a healthy community, and they want to surround themselves with other people who are focused on coming out of this situation bigger, better, wiser, and wealthier than before.

There’s no talk about a virus in the group. There’s no finger-pointing, politics, or blame. And there’s no conspiracy theories or negativity allowed.

Every week, we jump on a live zoom call together as a group, and we solve your problems, we provide each other with support and ideas, and we share valuable connections, resources.

This is a community that improves your life, in every single way, and it’s the most valuable asset you can access right now.

If you’re listening to this podcast and if you’d like to join the group, just head to Revvenue is spelled with two V’s because our goal here is to rev up everyone’s revvenue so you can keep your bills paid, your employees paid, and the economy turning.

There’s even a way you can turn Revvenue into your very own income stream, and you can learn more about that as well at

If you’d like to join, there’s a nominal fee that we’re using to cover the costs of running the group, and to support several charities that are providing food and shelter for people who can’t afford to take care of themselves right now.

Right now until this Saturday, you can get a 33% discount off the normal price we’ll be charging moving forward, so make sure you head to to learn more ASAP.

Now with that being said, we have a special guest on the show today who happens to be the world’s foremost expert on building communities.

His name is Jono Bacon.

Jono helps companies build healthy and thriving communities and cultures. He’s previously served as the Director of Community at Github, Canonical, and XPrize.

His clients include Intel, Google, Sony, Deutsche Bank, Santander, and Hacker One.

He is the author of a brand new book called, “People Powered – How Communities Can Supercharge Your Business, Brand, And Teams.”

If you lead a community of any kind, or if you see the value in starting one right now, you’re about to learn how to do that from the foremost expert in the world.

And yes, he’s also a Member of the Revvenue Mastermind.

Please welcome, Jono Bacon.

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People Powered: How Communities Can Supercharge Your Business, Brand, and Teams


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