If you aren’t making the kind of money you want to make as an entrepreneur, the reason is simple…

You’re missing a skillset, and that skillset is the ability to sell.

This was my achilles-heel when I was getting my start in my early 20’s.

For nearly six years I failed to make a dime of profit in my business ventures, because I was shy, I lacked confidence, and I had no idea how to sell.

Eventually I gave into the fact that if I truly wanted to succeed, I’d have to overcome my fears and master this ability.

Well today we’re joined by Matthew Pollard who had a similar experience and story.

After being forced into a sales gig that he had to succeed in, or he’d fail to pay his rent, Matthew cracked the sales code, but in a very different way.

Since then he’s been teaching companies in all kinds of industries from insurance agencies, to law firms, luxury automakers, and even professional soccer teams, how to position their brands, their offers, and their products to maximize sales.

If you struggle when it comes to selling your products or services, this episode will be a game-changer for you.

It’s honestly one of, if not the most detailed interviews we’ve ever had when it comes to specific sales tactics, strategies, and resources that you can start applying to your business today.

And if you want to drastically improve your social media game, make sure you listen to the last half of the show some game-changing resources.