Today we have an incredibly rare opportunity to go behind the curtain, of two of the biggest product launches in history…

I’m referring to last year’s launch of Palm Beach Confidential.

If you’ve been in the Self Made Man audience here for the past few months, you’ve seen me endorse and promote this publication the last two times they’ve opened it up for new customers.

Palm Beach Confidential is the best research publication out there for the crypto-currency industry, and it’s run by a previous guest of the podcast, and former hedge fund manager, Teeka Tiwari.

Well in the past nine months, they’ve sold over $70,000,000 worth of subscriptions to the Confidential newsletter, and the man behind the curtain who pulled that off is here with us today…

Fernando Cruz is going to take you behind the scenes, and we’re going to break down the most important things you need to know when it comes to holding a massive product launch, and the mistakes you need to avoid.

We’re also going to dive into my numbers as an affiliate, which is extremely important because it turns out that I have the most responsive list that they’ve ever seen.

In a single $25,000,000 launch, the value of my readers like you guys was 700% higher than the next affiliate.

Why is that?

Why is my audience 7 times more responsive than anyone else’s, and how can you start to build this kind of relationship with yours?

We’ll dive into that and much much more here today in this exclusive interview with Fernando Cruz, as we go behind the scenes of their two $25,000,000 promotions for Palm Beach Confidential.


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