How To Find Your Purpose… with Mastin Kipp

How To Find Your Purpose… with Mastin Kipp

  • Mastin Kipp
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About this Episode

Our guest today as one hell of a story… By the age of 21, Mastin Kipp was living life in the Hollywood fast lane…

As a music manager, sex, drugs, and rock and roll was more than a cliche, it was a lifestyle that was quickly running him into the ground.

After an altercation with the law, he had his moment of clarity and decided to completely redefine his life.

Within a few years, he’d find his purpose helping others, garnering the attention of Kim Kardashian, and a seat on Oprah Winfrey’s infamous couch.

Today Mastin has touched the lives of millions of people, and joins us here on, to help you find your life’s purpose.

All of us have hidden mental and emotional blocks… Experiences, and stories that prevent us from achieving our full potential.

Well, it’s time to uncover them and remove them from our lives once and for all, so we can move forward.

About the Instructor

Mastin Kipp Creator of Function Life Coaching
Mastin Kipp is a number one best-selling author, speaker and Creator of Function Life Coaching for people who are seeking rapid transformation in their lives. He has been featured on the Emmy Award show, Super Soul Sunday, and recognized as a “thought leader for the next generation” by Oprah Winfrey.
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