Scott Tannen is disrupting the bedding industry with a completely transparent production process through Boll and Branch.

Luke Sherwin turned the mattress industry on its head by taking a relatively boring purchase and turning it into an extraordinary experience.

And today we’re going to hear from Justin Winter who decided to get into the candle industry.

I honestly can’t think of a more difficult industry to get into than candles. You have thousands of manufacturers who are all selling the same thing… A piece of wax with a string in the middle and the only way to differentiate yourself is by changing your label, along with the size, color, and smell of that wax.

Well, Justin managed to pull off a stroke of marketing genius, when he realized he could gamify the experience by hiding prize in the wax of every candle, that could only be revealed once it’s been used.

As a result, Diamond Candles is now producing well over $20MM per year in sales. Today you’re going to hear the story behind its creation, along with an incredibly valuable lesson…

Opportunity is everywhere if you’re willing to look at what most people consider ordinary in a slightly different way.