Search Engine Optimization…

It’s a topic that’s hardly talked about anymore by entrepreneurs, because… Well… It’s not that sexy, it’s not new, it takes a lot of time, and frankly, it’s quite mysterious.

But, if you take a long-term approach to your business, and if you’re willing to feed Google with extremely high-quality content over the next 3-5 years, you can create an absolutely incredible advantage and profit center for your business.

How big?

Well today we’re joined by one of the biggest SEO traffic experts in the world, my friend Neil Patel.

During his career, Neil has been a marketing and traffic consultant for Google, Ebay, Facebook, Microsoft, SalesForce, and General Motors.

Neil’s personal websites currently get over 1.7 million unique visitors per month just from organic search traffic, and get this…

That traffic turns into over 1,000 new email subscribers per day, and over $400,000 per month in revenue… For free.

It’s an unbelievable asset for any business, but it takes time, knowledge, and expertise to implement, and thankfully Neil is here today to give you the roadmap.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to start getting your website ranked at the top of Google in a real and lasting way, this episode is for you.

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Without further ado, please welcome, Neil Patel.