Today we’re going to talk about one of the most underrated marketing strategies in the world, with one of my favorite friends and mentors, Cameron Herold.

I’m going to jump on a limb here and guess that like me, you’re a big fan of Richard Branson.

And one of the reasons that I love Richard so much, is that he’s an incredibly shy introvert, who’s mastered the art of getting billions of dollars in advertising for his ventures for free.

He’s driven a tank through the streets of New York to get attention for the launch of Virgin Cola.

He hired a blimp that said, “British Airways Can’t Get It Up” when they were having construction problems.

He rappelled down the side of the Palms Casino in a tuxedo, and he crossed the English Channel in a floating car.

If you are willing to use a little bit of creativity, and if you know how to strategically work with the media, you could find yourself getting the kind of press and traffic that would normally cost tens… Even hundreds of millions of dollars for free.

Well, today Cameron Herold is going give you the blueprint you need to get free traffic using PR, starting right now, today.

And there’s a massive side benefit to using this strategy as well…

Once you get a story featured in these major publications, you can use them to acquire the elusive, and coveted verification badges on all of the major social media platforms.

This is definitely an episode that you’re going to want to take some notes on, and file away in Evernote for future reference, because it’s absolutely priceless info.

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