So there’s a very good chance that you’ve heard my mold story over the past few years, and how it completely turned my life upside down for more than two years.

But what you probably don’t know, is just how big of a problem toxic mold is becoming…

It’s estimated that 50% of all homes are currently infected with mold, and that 25% of the global food supply contains the poisonous mycotoxins molds produce.

Some of the foods that contain the highest levels of toxic mold are nuts and coffee beans.

If you drink coffee, or eat any kind of protein bars or foods that contain nuts, you’re ingesting mycotoxins.

Most people’s bodies can clear these toxins out successfully as long as their exposure level doesn’t exceed their body’s capacity which is what happened in my case.

If your exposure levels get too high, it will overcome your body’s detox system and that’s when things will quickly take a turn for the worse.

To make matter worse, 1 in 4 American’s are missing the gene that allows their body to eliminate mycotoxins naturally which can lead to all kinds of symptoms including chronic inflammation, arthritis, asthma, skin rashes, chronic coughing, adrenal fatigue, brain fog, memory loss, low libido, chronic fatigue, depression, and other neurological problems.

In fact, toxic mold is now considered far more dangerous than asbestos or lead-based paints, but you don’t see toxic mold legal cases popping up left and right, because they’ve made them nearly impossible to prosecute. Why?

For two reasons…

1: Mold is naturally occurring part of Earth’s biosphere, rather than a man-made substance, and second…

Because it would literally destroy the US real estate and insurance markets overnight.

If you can imagine what it would look like for a lawyer to walk into any building in the country with a mold test, which is going to provide a positive result in at least 50% of the buildings in the country, and then sue the builder or owner, the economic havoc that would ensue would be unimaginable.

There is a very good chance that you, or someone in your family is currently stuffing from health challenges that are a result of mold exposure, and they have no idea that’s the case.

I would not wish what I went through on my worst enemy, so this podcast interview is one way that I can share my experience with others, in order to give them the hope and resources they need in order to heal, and get their lives back.

To help me do that, I’m joined by one of the many amazing doctors I’ve had the chance to work with during my journey, Dr. Rajka Milanovic Galbraith.

Dr. Rajka is a board-certified Functional Medicine Doctor, and she specializes in helping toxic mold patients.