Have you ever dreamed of the day when you could hire a CEO who’s capable of running your company, and even grow it even faster than you could?

A day when you can hand over all of the responsibility and stress that comes with the position, and know that it’s in good hands?

Well I do.

To me, that is the ultimate victory… When you’ve built a company, and brand, and a team that can stand and grow on their own, without your daily involvement.

Well today we have an opportunity to hear from one of those talented CEOs who’s capable of just such a feat.

David Kirchhoff took the helm of Weight Watchers as the CEO from 2007 to 2013. In 2013 alone, the company had over $1.7 Billion in revenue, and 600 retail locations.

And then in 2015, he fell in love with a little Austin food startup called Snap Kitchen, which happens to be a company that’s been a big part of my life since that opened their doors a few years ago.

Once again under David’s leadership, Snap Kitchen is growing rapidly, and the Founder Martin Berson has taken a seat on the company Board, and has started to turn his eye towards his next venture.

So today’s episode is all about how you can find a rock-star CEO like David to run and grow your business…

We’ll dive into the interview process, what’s appropriate from a salary and equity perspective, and how to make sure they’re going to fit into your company culture, and fulfill your vision…

If you’re looking to grow big, this is an episode you won’t want to miss…