I have to say that I truly love interviews like the one we have today with Dr. Jason Wersland.

Almost every great business success story has one thing in common…

A single individual with a problem they couldn’t find a solution for, and the drive to go create one.

It’s where garages are turned into workshops, and notepads into diaries of scratched out ideas and circled moments of eureka.

And this is literally the story arch that Jason found himself in 2007 after a motorcycle accident.

A chiropractor by profession, Jason’s pain from his injuries inspired him to invent a new kind of physical therapy for the body using nothing more than a few power tools from Home Depot, and his knowledge of biomechanics.

A year later, he’d invented a completely new category of physical therapy product he called the Theragun.

Today, Theragun’s are used by countless doctors and athletes around the world, and you are about to get the behind the scenes story of how it was invented, developed, and turned into a global success story.

And speaking of health, make sure you keep an eye out for next week’s episode which will be one of the most important I’ve ever recorded.

After suffering a mysterious brain injury 14 months ago that almost took me out, we finally found the cause, and I’m happy to say that I’m on the mend.

What we discovered is going to be pretty shocking. In fact, you are very likely surrounded by the toxin that made me sick right now as you listen to this.

My friend Aubrey Marcus will be hosting the interview, and we’ll be joined by my doctor as well, as I publically fill you in on the most challenging, and rewarding adventures of my life for the very first time.

Now without further ado, please welcome Dr. Jason Wersland.


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